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About MDC

Medical Devices Consultancy

About MDC

MDC provide complete consultancy to set up following plants. Our team will visit your site & understand what type of plant you want to set up. We then provide you map, provide source of machine, supervise construction & machine installation & in the end successfully get you the license.


We provide complete consultancy services for medical devices plants set up. Our consultancy services start from understanding and formulating the designing of plant, its machinery, equipments with detailed specifications, installations, etc and finish after proper set up and trial running of plant.

Our supervisor visit regularly to the spot and keep eye on every stage and movement so that we cannot miss anything important and hurt the profitable outcome of clients.

Why choose our MDC for Set up of MEDICAL DEVICE Plants:

  • 1). Client centric attitude and personal approach
  • 2). Tech updated experienced staffs to guide for best machinery and equipments
  • 3). Very affordable price
  • 4). Speedy response
  • 5). Understanding the goal of client
  • 6). Current Spot site visit or plan for best spot site to get
  • 7). Complete layout plan for the project
  • 8). Preparing diagram of the project with all machinery and equipment's specification
  • 9). Guidance for set of plant with delivery of all material list required with proper specifications
  • 10). Regular visit of supervisor to spot till it plant set up

MDC Mission

We shall provide total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership services we provide worldwide.

MDC Vision

Our vision is to be amongst the leading Medical Devices consultant in India & become a significant global player.

We aspire our personnel –our driving force, to become highly competent professionals. Our challenge is to understand our customers need and requirements in depth and by that understanding help to fulfill their requirements by our quality products & services.

We see our business success in the growth & prosperity of our customers.